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  • Blowing Trufill Insulation into wall cavity
    Blown Insulation for New Builds

    Why blown insulation is the easiest way to meet the new H1 standards.

Safe-R Insulation
New Zealand’s Blown Insulation Experts.

Welcome to Safe-R Insulation, the leading importer and distributor of blown insulation products throughout New Zealand. With a wide range of high-quality brands and a network of knowledgeable agents and resellers, we are dedicated to providing exceptional insulation solutions for homes across the country. Discover the unparalleled benefits of blown insulation and join countless satisfied customers who have transformed their homes with our products. Whether you’re a homeowner, a builder, or an insulation professional, our website is your ultimate destination for all things blown insulation in New Zealand.

The game-changing difference that blown insulation can make to your home’s thermal performance.

At Safe-R Insulation, we understand that blown insulation products deliver remarkable results. Blown insulation usually outperforms other insulation types by filling every nook and cranny with precision. By utilising higher densities and effectively sealing gaps and voids, our blown insulation ensures maximum energy efficiency, comfort, and cost savings for your home.

Hear about the difference blown insulation has made to Ruth’s Home.

“From the minute I had it insulated and now 7 years later, there’s not a drop of moisture anywhere in the house. Not only is the house warm and dry, or cool and dry in the summer, it’s also soundproofed. It’s made a huge difference to my life.”

New Zealand’s Hub for Information about Blown Insulation Solutions

Young family enjoying living in a well insulated home

All the information you want about Blown Insulation in one spot.

With over three decades of experience, we have established ourselves as the largest supplier of blown insulation products in the country, offering nationwide coverage. Our commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction have solidified our position as the go-to source for all your insulation needs.

Whether you’re a homeowner, builder, or insulation professional, Safe-R Insulation is here to provide you with superior insulation products, expert advice, and unparalleled service. Discover how our comprehensive range of blown insulation solutions can transform your home into a haven of energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability.

Blowing Insulation Into New Build
Blowing wall insulation into New Build
Blown Insulation for New Homes

High performance insulation for NZ new builds.

Blown insulation represents a groundbreaking approach to insulating new build homes in New Zealand, redefining the standards for thermal performance in an era of increasingly demanding building regulations. 

Blown Insulation for Existing Homes

Retrofit Insulation for existing homes.

Choosing blown insulation for existing homes opens up a world of benefits, offering an effective and convenient solution for enhancing thermal performance and comfort in your living spaces. With blown insulation, making your existing home warmer, healthier, and more energy-efficient is a breeze.

Understand why blown insulation is a game changer for the new build sector.

Wade Maurice, Managing Director of Safe-R Insulation discusses the recent changes to H1 and why blown insulation is such a good solution to comply with the new standards.
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