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About Safe-R Insulation

Our Business Story – The Journey of Safe-R Insulation

Safe-R was established in 1987 to develop and distribute innovative thermal and acoustical insulation systems throughout New Zealand and Australia. We are committed to championing blown insulation products, and responsible for developing a comprehensive range of blown insulation systems, including Trufill, CosyWall, Warmafloor, and Loft Insulation.

Led by Managing Director Wade Maurice, we select the best worldwide material manufacturer for a particular type, thoroughly investigate and test the material’s suitability for local conditions, and provide a specification for the finished system including obtaining building code approvals.

With a 30-year legacy, Safe-R Insulation is proud to be New Zealand’s leading supplier of blown insulation solutions.

Installing Trufill Insulation into walls
Russell Eastwood New Zealand

Proud suppliers of blown insulation products

Our Trufill Insulation is perfect for insulating every area of new build homes. Endorsed with Codemark certification, Trufill is architects’ and designers’ top pick for easily meeting the H1 Energy Efficiency standards set by the New Zealand government.

For existing homes looking to enhance wall insulation, we offer CosyWall Insulation. This retrofit solution can be installed from either the interior or exterior of your home, penetrating through most common claddings. 

In the case of existing roofs, our Loft Insulation offers an effective solution. It’s the ideal choice for topping up or improving existing insulation, and it shines particularly well in insulating tight roof cavities.

And finally Warmafloor Insulation, our specialist brand for insulating underfloors and midfloors. Warmafloor can also be used for insulating midfloors in existing homes without the need to remove internal linings, delivering superior performance compared to traditional polyester blankets.

Our Insulation Products

Explore our range of blown insulation products and systems

Trufill Insulation

Trufill is a high performance insulation system designed for new builds. The Trufill system can be installed into walls, roofs and floors and is suitable for most New Zealand home builds.

CosyWall Insulation

CosyWall Insulation is a blown insulation product designed to insulate the walls of older New Zealand homes and can be easily installed into wall cavities without the cost and hassle of removing the linings.

Loft Insulation

Loft roof insulation is the perfect solution for applications where you’re looking for a high performance insulation product at an affordable installed price.

Warmafloor Insulation

Warmafloor blown floor insulation is the ideal solution for insulating the floors and mid floors of new and existing homes.