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Blown Insulation for Existing Homes

Why choose blown insulation for new homes.

Choosing blown insulation for existing homes opens up a world of benefits, offering an effective and convenient solution for enhancing thermal performance and comfort in your living spaces. With the efficiency of blown insulation technologies, updating your home’s insulation has never been easier or more impactful.

Blown insulation sets itself apart with its unique installation process. It’s blown into walls, ceilings, floors, and other hard-to-reach spaces, completely filling the cavities and areas around pipework, wiring, and other obstructions. This creates a continuous insulation layer that traditional batts or blankets struggle to replicate, especially in older homes with complex or unusual architecture. Furthermore, blown insulation can be installed without the need to remove the internal linings, a significant advantage over other retrofit methods, reducing the disruption and expense associated with traditional insulation upgrades.

Existing homes can especially benefit from the use of blown insulation in various areas. For example, CosyWall Insulation is an exceptional choice for existing walls, designed to retrofit insulation seamlessly, regardless of the wall material – be it brick, weatherboard, stucco, fibre cement, or others.

When it comes to underfloors and midfloors, blown insulation provides a fantastic solution. Not only does it provide exceptional thermal performance, but its installation process also does not require the removal of internal linings, making it a hassle-free retrofit solution for existing homes. Warmafloor is a good example of a blown insulation product that can be used for floor and midfloor insulation.

For existing roofs and ceilings, blown insulation is the ideal type of insulation.  It’s perfect for topping up existing insulation levels or creating a new layer of insulation over the old one. It’s designed to fit into tight roof cavities and can be blown over existing insulation, bolstering the roof’s overall thermal resistance. A good example of a widely used blown insulation system is Loft Insulation.

In a nutshell, blown insulation is an invaluable asset for retrofitting insulation in existing homes. There are many blown insulation brands and systems available that have proven their effectiveness across numerous homes in New Zealand, providing homeowners with a practical, affordable, and highly efficient method to boost their home’s thermal performance. With blown insulation, making your existing home warmer, healthier, and more energy-efficient is a breeze.