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Blown Insulation for New Homes

Why choose blown insulation for new homes.

Blown insulation represents a groundbreaking approach to insulating new build homes in New Zealand, redefining the standards for thermal performance in an era of increasingly demanding building regulations. With its superior installed R-Values, blown insulation stands head and shoulders above conventional insulation methods, effortlessly surpassing traditional batts or blankets in its efficiency and performance.

What sets blown insulation apart is its installation technique. It fills around all pipework and electrical wiring, leaving no gaps, ensuring a comprehensive and even coverage that significantly boosts thermal performance. As New Zealand’s building code evolves to demand higher insulation standards, blown insulation meets and surpasses these requirements with ease.

The versatility of blown insulation cannot be understated. Suitable for insulating ceilings, walls, underfloors, midfloors, and even effective in acoustic applications, blown insulation adapts to all types of building styles. It can be adjusted in density and thickness to achieve a wide range of installed R-Values, allowing it to be tailored to your specific building needs.

Blown insulation also aligns perfectly with the New Zealand government’s H1 Energy Efficiency requirements for new build homes. Its high thermal performance makes meeting these requirements a straightforward task, positioning blown insulation as an invaluable tool for any new build project.

One excellent example of blown insulation’s potential is the Trufill® System from Safe-R Insulation. Trufill® provides a clear demonstration of the versatility and effectiveness of blown insulation. No matter where in New Zealand you’re planning your new build, a blown insulation solution like Trufill® could be the key to achieving the high-performance, energy efficient home of your dreams.

Investing in blown insulation is not only a smart choice for thermal insulation but also an essential step towards energy efficiency and building regulation compliance. Reach out one of our partners to explore how blown insulation could enhance the comfort and performance of your new build home.