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Blown Wall Insulation - The best insulation for upgrading existing homes

Blown Wall Insulation For Existing Homes – Breathe New Life into Your Walls

Written by Safe-R Insulation on .

I think we can all collectively agree that we experience a wide range of weather conditions here in New Zealand and making sure our homes stay comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the year is important for us practically and financially. One key factor in achieving this is proper wall insulation. Effective insulation acts as a barrier to heat loss in winter and keeps the heat out in summer, making your home an inviting space regardless of the season. If your home was built before modern insulation standards were established, you might not be getting these benefits. This is where blown wall insulation comes into play, offering an innovative solution for existing homes.

Traditional vs Blown Wall Insulation

Now you’ll notice most traditional wall insulation methods, while effective in new builds, come with significant challenges when it comes to retrofitting existing homes. These methods typically require the removal of wall linings, a process that is both invasive and costly. This kind of renovation can be disruptive to your daily life, often involving extensive labour and time to reinstall the linings and restore the interior of your home.

On the other hand, Blown wall insulation offers a modern and efficient alternative. Unlike traditional methods, blown insulation doesn’t require tearing out your wall linings, making it a much less intrusive option. By blowing insulation material into the wall cavities through small, strategically placed holes, you can achieve fully insulated walls without the hassle and expense that comes with traditional methods. Blown wall insulation is particularly advantageous for retrofitting older homes, bringing them up to modern standards of energy efficiency and comfort. Safe-R’s CosyWall insulation is designed to fill every nook and cranny in your walls, making sure it has complete and thorough coverage. This method effectively eliminates cold spots and drafts, creating a uniformly insulated barrier against the elements.

Blown Wall Insulation Ensures an Easy Installation without Removing Linings

One of the serious standout benefits of CosyWall blown insulation is how easy it is to install. Professionals can install the insulation with minimal disruption to your home life. There’s no need to vacate rooms or worry about the mess and expense associated with traditional insulation methods. The installation involves blowing a loose-fill insulation material into the wall cavities, through small holes that are easily sealed afterwards. This specialised technique also ensures that even the hardest-to-reach cavities within your walls are filled. This comprehensive coverage is so important for maximising the thermal efficiency of your home. By filling all gaps, blown wall insulation reduces heat loss and gain, significantly improving your home’s overall comfort levels.

Advantages of CosyWall Insulation

Safe-R’s CosyWall insulation offers several advantages. It carries the CodeMark certification, ensuring it meets precise safety and performance standards. This provides New Zealand homeowners with peace of mind about investing in a high-quality insulation solution. Additionally, CosyWall is an affordable way to significantly improve home comfort. As energy costs rise, this insulation can lead to substantial savings on heating and cooling bills, with the investment quickly paying for itself. CosyWall has successfully insulated numerous Kiwi homes across New Zealand since the early 2000s, proving its reliability and effectiveness in enhancing home comfort and energy efficiency.

CosyWall Insulation offers an excellent solution for retrofitting existing homes without the need for invasive and costly renovations. With its easy installation, comprehensive coverage, and certified performance, CosyWall is the superior choice for upgrading your home’s insulation. Consider blown wall insulation today and enjoy the benefits of a warmer, healthier home with lower energy bills.