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Safe-R Insulation partners with Masterspec

Safe-R Insulation’s High Performance Insulation System, Trufill is now available on Masterspec

Safe-R Insulation is a leading New Zealand distributor of high-quality blown insulation products and systems. We are thrilled to announce that we are now a Masterspec Partner. This partnership enables us to reach a broader audience, ensuring that New Zealand builders and architects have immediate access to detailed, compliant insulation options that meet the rigorous standards of today’s construction requirements.

Trufill is a CodeMark certified blown insulation system that utilises a dry fibre, non-combustible Glasswool, ideal for insulating timber frame buildings. This system excels in insulating new timber frame developments, ensuring every cavity within roofs and ceilings and floors are thoroughly filled, creating a seamless thermal barrier that enhances energy efficiency and comfort in homes.

The Trufill system is now fully documented and accessible on Masterspec, providing comprehensive product information and technical specifications to ensure accurate, efficient planning and application for various architectural projects.

For more details about Trufill High Performance Insulation and other products by Safe-R Insulation, please visit Trufill’s website –