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New Build Insulation

Embrace the future of home insulation with our blown insulation solutions, the simplest and most effective way to ensure your new build meets H1 energy efficiency requirements.

Blown Insulation is the easiest way to meet H1 energy efficiency requirements for your new build.

Blown insulation is a highly versatile and effective solution for insulating new build homes, ensuring they are energy-efficient, comfortable, and compliant with building regulations from the outset. There are new blown insulation systems like Trufill Insulation which are specifically designed and certified for use in New Zealand new builds.

Here’s how blown insulation can be employed across the different areas of a new home:

Roofs and Ceilings:

Blown insulation can be used to create a comprehensive thermal barrier in the roof and attic spaces. It fills all corners, crevices, and gaps, covering the entire area uniformly and minimising heat transfer.

The flexible nature of blown insulation also means it can adapt to varying roof structures and shapes, offering superior insulation effectiveness that make it easy to meet the new R6.6 requirements.


Blown insulation in the walls provides high thermal resistance and excellent soundproofing. It can be installed into wall cavities using specialised equipment, ensuring a seamless fit that traditional batts or rolls may struggle to match. Moreover, this form of insulation can be tailored to fill irregularly shaped or narrow spaces effectively.


By using a retaining product like a Blown-In Blanket (BIB) on the underside of floor joists, blown insulation can be introduced into underfloor spaces, significantly reducing heat loss. This approach ensures a warm and comfortable living environment, particularly during colder months.


In multistorey new builds, blown insulation can be used to insulate midfloors. This helps to control heat transfer between levels and maintain a consistent temperature throughout the home.

Why choose blown insulation over traditional insulation types for your new build application?

Blown insulation emerges as a highly effective choice for your new build, offering a multitude of advantages over traditional insulation types. At the forefront is its superior coverage capability. Blown insulation’s unique form and application method ensure that it reaches and fills every corner, crevice, and hard-to-reach areas that traditional insulation materials might find challenging to cover. The result is a uniform layer of insulation across even the most irregularly shaped or narrow spaces, providing comprehensive coverage and minimising potential for heat transfer.

Another critical advantage lies in its thermal resistance, or R-value. Typically, blown insulation boasts superior R-values compared to traditional insulation types. A higher R-value translates into more effective insulating properties, leading to efficient energy use and potentially significant savings on your heating and cooling bills.

Furthermore, blown insulation’s versatility cannot be understated. It can be used to insulate a multitude of areas within a home, from walls and roofs to underfloors and midfloors. It can even accommodate unique architectural features like cathedral ceilings or crawl spaces. This all-in-one solution ensures that your home is fully insulated, enhancing overall energy efficiency.

The installation process of blown insulation also presents an advantage, being quicker and more efficient than with traditional insulation types. This not only reduces overall building time but also makes it easier to install insulation in complex or hard-to-reach areas using specialised equipment.

Lastly, apart from offering excellent thermal insulation, blown insulation also doubles as an effective soundproofing solution. It helps to reduce noise transfer between rooms and from the outdoors, contributing to a quieter and more peaceful home environment.

Choosing blown insulation for your new build comes with multiple advantages, including superior coverage and thermal performance, efficient installation, eco-friendly options, and soundproofing properties. It ensures your home remains comfortable, energy-efficient, and comfortable all year round.

Example of blown insulation installed in new build house

Advantages of Blown Insulation for New Builds

  • Creates wam and healthy homes
  • Fills all the gaps and voids often left by segments and rolls

  • Provides high thermal performance

  • Reduces noise transfer from inside and outside the home.

  • Helps reduce your home’s energy useage

Need some help?

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