Safe-R Insulation New Zealand

Safe-R Insulation New Zealand

History of Safe-R Insulation New Zealand:

Safe-R Insulation New Zealand was established in 1987 to develop and distribute innovative thermal and acoustical insulation systems throughout New Zealand.

Our systems are designed to deliver excellent INSTALLED performance rather than just stating misleading ‘bale’ R-values.

We select the best worldwide manufacturer for each insulation type, thoroughly investigate and test the material’s suitability for local conditions, and provide specifications for the finished systems – including obtaining building code approvals.

As an innovative company our successes include:

  • – CosyWallAn external wall cavity insulation system (EWCIS). Water repellent wall insulation, made from specialist glasswool installed dry (not a wet spray insulation foam ).  Insulation retrofitted to older homes that eliminates the need to remove wall linings or cladding to insulate walls.
  • Jet Stream MaxA mineral blowing wool roof insulation – offering clients vastly superior installed r value to single layer batting for attic insulation. Great for low pitched roof installation, as the installer can spray into difficult to reach low pitch attics.
  • – WarmafloorThe first polyester insulation for sub floor use. Easy to install, especially in tight underfloor areas.
  • – Development of a suction system for removing sub-standard Cellulose fluff
  • – Various imported glasswool attic and wall batting from around the world
  • – In 1991 obtaining the first BRANZ appraisal for insulation.
  • – Introducing the first ‘no added’ formaldehyde free glasswool to New Zealand.
  • – Member of and a current board representative of IAONZ (Insulation Association of NZ)

Safe-R Insulation Systems

SRNZ is the wholesale distributor for the following insulation systems:

  • – Jet Stream Max attic blowing wool
  • – CosyWall existing wall system for older homes
  • – Jet Stream Max BIB wall insulation for new homes
  • – Warmafloor polyester blanket underfloor insulation
  • – Supasucker fluff insulation removal equipment
  • – Intec blowing machines and accessories

Inquiries are invited from innovative companies wanting to join our New Zealand distribution network.

Contact us now for a  free quote. Our licensed distributors can provide you with an accurate cost and options to suit your budget.


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