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Blown Insulation FAQ

Your Comprehensive FAQ Guide to Blown Insulation Solutions in New Zealand.

Safe-R Insulation Wellington – Advice on Floor Insulation

Safe-R Insulation Wellington installs Warmafloor insulation. Warmafloor underfloor insulation doesn’t absorb moisture (less than 2% over 96 hours). This is important if your location is anywhere near the coast (most of N.Z.). Any moisture absorption can result in performance reduction, product deterioration and other associated health risks. Warmafloor insulation is installed hard against the floor to stop rodents living in a cavity, which is often created by other types of floor insulation eg Foil.

Areas of damaged foil underfloor insulation will need to be replaced with non-electrically conductive insulation with a product R-value of at least R 1.3. The installation or repair of foil insulation is prohibited under the Regulations due to the risk of electrocution when installing and repairing foil insulation products.

If there is foil underfloor insulation, do not touch the foil without turning off the power at the mains first as there is an electrocution risk. Even then proceed with caution. Refer to NZECP 55 for important safety information before proceeding with the insulation inspection or any other work in the subfloor space.

The underfloor insulation should cover all accessible parts of the floor below the habitable spaces of the dwelling, except where clearances are required – e.g. for pipework – refer to the New Zealand insulation installation standard NZS 4246 for guidance on required clearances. The insulation must be in reasonable condition – damage such as rips, tears, or salt or dust deposits on the shiny face of foil insulation degrades the performance of foil insulation.

Warmafloor is a first grade insulation supplied by one of New Zealand’s largest insulation manufacturers and is not foil. It is a premium quality bulk insulation tested to NZS4859 standards by BRANZ

There is no reason why you can’t benefit from a warmer & cheaper to heat home! Contact Safe-R Insulation Wellington today to get in touch with your local Warmafloor Installer.