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The Alternative Board

Access peer to peer advice and support from other business owners facilitated by an experienced business coach.

The Alternative Board Business Coaching

What is The Alternative Board?

The Alternative Board, facilitated by Eastwood & Co in North Auckland, is a unique peer-to-peer advisory service for business owners navigating an ever-changing landscape. By assembling a group of non-competing peers, we provide a trusted space for entrepreneurs to accelerate their personal and professional growth.

Members benefit from collective wisdom, unbiased feedback, and new perspectives on topics such as time management, strategy, human resources, sales, marketing, operations, and finance, ultimately driving business success.

The Board

The Board, a key component of The Alternative Board, offers business owners a supportive peer-to-peer advisory platform, fostering growth and collaboration through collective wisdom, unbiased feedback, and innovative perspectives across various industries.

Business Coaching

The Business Coaching aspect of The Alternative Board delivers personalised one-on-one sessions with a dedicated facilitator, empowering business owners to stay focused, accountable, and on track to achieve their goals while reigniting their passion for entrepreneurship.

Business Planning

The Business Planning segment of The Alternative Board grants members access to the comprehensive Business Builder’s Blueprint, an intuitive online planning tool designed to guide entrepreneurs towards increased profits and success by cultivating a self-sustaining business model.

Why Join The Alternative Board?

Discover The Alternative Board’s advantages: gain peer advice, business mentoring, planning tools, diverse insights, goal-setting support, and an expanded network.

Peer to Peer Advice

You will get peer to peer advice and support from other business owners

Business Mentoring

A business mentor to coach you once a month to keep you on track

Free Business Tools

Access free business planning and monitoring tools to improve business

Diverse Perspectives

Gain fresh insights and innovative solutions from non-competing industries

Accountability & Goal Setting

Boost motivation and commitment through collective goal setting and mutual support

Enhanced Networking

Expand your professional network by connecting with like-minded business owners

The Alternative Board: Your Path to Success

Dive into this informative video to uncover how The Alternative Board’s unique process empowers business owners to thrive through peer advice, mentoring, and invaluable resources.

Hear from our members

Discover the real impact of The Alternative Board from our members themselves – read their inspiring testimonials and success stories below.
Russell provides the perfect sounding board and promotes critical thinking during decision making. He’s a constant reminder that business and personal lives overlap, so we should operate in accordance with our priorities across both those areas.
Wade Maurice – Managing Director Safe-R Insulation

Don’t let Russ’s easy going manner and always cheerful persona fool you. When we’re together we’re working and Russ is working very hard to ensure I’m making progress. Carefully crafted questions, lead to thought provoking discussion and clear actionable insights. I look forward to my weekly meetings with Russ, as he keeps me accountable and focussed on what’s important for me to succeed.

David Morley of DP Morley
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Reuben Cutts – Cutts Plumbing
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Martin Devereux – Mainfreight

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the information you need to make an informed decision – explore our FAQ section and find answers to your most pressing questions about The Alternative Board.
How does The Alternative Board differ from other business advisory or coaching services?

Our members become a member of a board of non-competing business owners. As members of the board they are held and hold each other to account to achieve their company goals through supporting, challenging on their monthly actions and goals. It’s the magic of collective wisdom.

Unlike many coaches/mentors we are part of a global organisation that and we do what we do all over the world with systems set up for our members to communicate with members/ business owners all over the world. Your own global board so to speak.

We have a money back performance guarantee. Haven’t seen that offered in the industry

What types of businesses and industries typically join The Alternative Board?

The Alternative Board welcomes a diverse range of businesses and industries. Our members include professionals from various fields, such as dentists, plumbers, service providers, and manufacturers, creating a dynamic and enriching environment for everyone involved.

How much time commitment is required for the board meetings and coaching sessions?

Joining The Alternative Board requires a manageable time commitment from members. You can expect to invest around four hours per month for board meetings, along with a coaching session in between meetings. Overall, this amounts to approximately 2% of your time, which we believe is a valuable investment for the growth and success of your business.

What is the cost of becoming a member of The Alternative Board?

The cost of becoming a member of The Alternative Board varies depending on the size of your business and its unique requirements. We offer different membership levels to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients. To determine the most suitable option for your business, we recommend discussing your specific needs with one of our representatives who can help guide you to the best membership plan for your situation.

How is confidentiality maintained within The Alternative Board when discussing sensitive business issues ?

Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us at The Alternative Board. To ensure that sensitive information remains protected, all members are required to sign confidentiality agreements before joining. Additionally, there is a mutual understanding among members that maintaining confidentiality is vital for the success and trust within the group. This shared commitment creates an environment where members feel secure in sharing their challenges and insights with one another.

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