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What is Trufill Insulation?

Trufill is a high performance insulation system designed for new builds. The Trufill system can be installed into walls, roofs and floors and is suitable for most New Zealand home builds.

The benefit of blown insulation is that you typically get superior installed R-Values. This means better installed performance which is achieved because the product gets around all the pipework and electrical wiring with few or no gaps.

The Benefits of Trufill Insulation

Trufill® should be your first choice when choosing high performance insulation for your construction project. Here’s a few reasons why…

Improve Energy Efficiency

Trufill Insulation for new builds helps regulate the temperature inside your home, lowering energy costs and saving money.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Maximise your potential and achieve better results by identifying and overcoming obstacles.

Maintain Consistent Temperatures

Trufill insulation helps to keep your home at a consistent temperature, making it more comfortable throughout the year.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Trufill blown insulation fills up the cavity without leaving gaps or voids, unlike other traditional insulation products.

50 Year Durability

Trufill Insulation is Codemark certified with a 50 year durability rating which means it will last the life of your home.

High Thermal Performance

Trufill Insulation is known for delivering higher thermal performance than most other insulation products.

Why use blown insulation for your next build?

Blown insulation systems have been used internationally for years but you haven’t often seen these systems in New Zealand. New Zealand insulation standards have typically been quite low compared to the rest of the world and builders haven’t needed to look outside established product solutions. Recent changes to the building code mean we’re going to see new high-performance systems introduced to meet the new requirements. Trufill’s blown insulation system is the perfect insulation solution to meet these new standards.

One of the great things about the Trufill® system is its flexibility. It can be used for insulating ceilings, walls, underfloor, midfloor and acoustic applications. The versatility of the system means it can be used across almost all types of building styles and can be blown at different densities and thicknesses to achieve a wide range of installed R-Values. Depending on the type of build, we can configure the system to suit your application.

Product Technical Information

Warmafloor Blown Insulation is ideal for both retrofit and new build applications.

Product Thickness
Open Density
12 kg/m³
Low Density
15 kg/m³
Medium Density
19 kg/m³
High Density
26 kg/m³
Ultra Density
32 kg/m³
45mm 1.0 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.37
90mm 2.0 2.1 2.3 2.5 2.75
140mm 3.2 3.4 3.5 4.0 4.28
175mm 4.0 4.2 4.4 5.0 5.35
190mm 4.4 4.6 4.8 5.4 5.81
225mm 5.2 5.4 5.7 6.4 6.88
240mm 5.5 5.8 6.1 6.8 7.33
275mm 6.3 6.7 7.0 7.8 8.40
290mm 6.7 7.0 7.4 8.2 8.86
325mm 7.5 7.9 8.3 9.2 9.93
360mm 8.3 8.7 9.2 10.2 11.0
395mm 9.1 9.6 10.1 11.2 12.07

Truss & skillion roofs are blown at low, medium or high density for skillion and open or low for truss.

Internal & external walls are blown at low to high density for typical homes or ultra for higher performance.

Floors and midfloors are blown at low to medium density depending on requirements.

Open Density – 12 kg/m3 (0.043 W/mK at 15°C)
Low Density – 15 kg/m3 (0.041 W/mK at 15°C)
Medium Density – 19 kg/m3 (0.039 W/mK at 15°C)
High Density – 26 kg/m3 (0.035 W/mK at 15°C)
Ultra Density – 32 kg/m3 (0.0327 W/mK at 15°C)

Where can you install Trufill Insulation?

Made from non-combustible Glasswool, Trufill® blown insulation is designed for timber frame walls, floors, skillion roofs and ceilings. The system is designed to provide high performance insulation for new build homes, completely filling the roof and ceiling cavities to create a complete thermal barrier for your home.

  • Safe-R Installer blowing underfloor insulation

    Ceiling Insulation

    Blown at medium density for skillion and open or low for truss.

  • Blown Insulation Installed in Skillion Roof

    Wall Insulation

    Blown at high density for typical homes or ultra for higher performance.

  • Warmafloor Blown Insulation Installed in New Floor

    Midfloor Insulation

    Blown at low to medium density depending on requirements.

  • Warmafloor Blown Insulation Installed in New Floor

    Underfloor Insulation

    Blown at low to medium density depending on requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the information you need to make an informed decision – explore our FAQ section and find answers to your most pressing questions about Warmafloor Insulation and roof insulation in general.

Why is blown insulation better for new builds than traditional insulation products?

Blown insulation offers several advantages over traditional insulation products, particularly for new builds. Firstly, it provides superior coverage, filling every corner, crevice, and hard-to-reach areas to create a comprehensive, uniform thermal barrier. This characteristic makes it extremely effective in insulating all areas within a home, such as walls, roofs, underfloors, and midfloors.

Trufill is Codemark certified – What does this mean?

CodeMark certification is a building product certification scheme in New Zealand and Australia. Managed by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) in New Zealand and the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) in Australia, the CodeMark scheme provides a process for manufacturers and suppliers to have their building products, systems or designs certified as meeting the requirements of the building codes of these countries.

Once a product is CodeMark certified, it must be accepted by any building consent authority as complying with the Building Code, as long as it’s used as specified in the certificate. This gives builders, architects, designers, and consumers confidence that the certified product meets the highest standards of safety, quality, and compliance.

What makes Trufill a high performance insulation option?

Trufill Insulation can deliver higher R-Values compared to other insulation products due to its unique form and installation method. This blown insulation is made up of small particles that can fill all corners, crevices, and hard-to-reach areas, providing comprehensive and uniform coverage. Furthermore, the material used in Trufill Insulation can be installed at higher densities, which allows it to provide superior resistance to heat flow (higher R-Values), resulting in a more energy-efficient home.