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Blown Insulation FAQ

Your Comprehensive FAQ Guide to Blown Insulation Solutions in New Zealand.

Insulation NZ – Different Types

When if comes to insulating your home – there are lots of different products to choose from in Insulation NZ. There are also a lot of risks to choosing the right products. Lets take a look at some of these products below. We recommend the following products for a total insulation solution.

Insulate your walls with CosyWall blown cavity wall insulation nz (cwi):

CosyWall Insulation is a cavity wall insulation product great for your external or exterior walls. The light mineral wool material is blown into your wall cavity and completely fills the gap unlike some blankets or batts. It’s perfect for most New Zealand homes and can make a huge different to your homes ability to retain it’s heat in the winter, and keep it cool in the summer.

There are many advantages that come with having cavity wall insulation installed in the home. If you get it done professionally the drywall won’t need to be torn out and batting won’t need to be installed. They will simply drill holes in the outside of your wall and pump the insulation through there. It’s a simple, fast and effective way of insulating the walls and it leaves behind minimal mess. A good contractor will also ensure they tidy up before they leave.

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Blown Loft Ceiling Insulation

Loft Insulation has no added formaldehyde, is non-combustible, clean, durable and is used for insulation NZ roof attics.

It is particularly effective spray insulation for insulating tight roof cavities, or insulating hard to reach attic spaces. Premier Insulation quality Loft insulation forms a consistent white layer similar to cotton wool in accessible roof attics. It eliminates energy wasting gaps, joints or vented cavities between the insulation and lining common with blanket or batting.

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Warmafloor Floor Insulation Blankets

Warmafloor Insulation is an unbonded, Glasswool insulation designed with optimal thermal properties and excellent coverage and blowing characteristics. Warmafloor can be installed into both new build and existing floors and midfloors.

It can be used to form the total thermal solution or as an additional thermal layer to existing insulation. Warmafloor can only be installed by approved installers to ensure the highest quality and installed performance.

Warmafloor Insulation can be used for both retrofit and new build applications. The product is specifically designed to fill all gaps and voids, creating a complete thermal barrier against heat loss or gain. The product can be installed in most floors and midfloors.

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