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Blown Insulation FAQ

Your Comprehensive FAQ Guide to Blown Insulation Solutions in New Zealand.

Roof insulation is completely safe for the family

Loft is a completely safe dry fiber product. It’s also been awarded the Eurofins Gold Certificate for Indoor Air Quality in Europe. Having Loft installed will not add any moisture to your roof, there is no curing period, no formaldehyde, and it will never shrink or slump over time.

It is also made from a non-combustible material so there is no risk to it catching fire. In fact in the unfortunate event you do experience a fire, Loft Insulation will actually help to inhibit the spread of it throughout the home.

Glasswool and Mineral Wool are the only non – combustible insulation and can act as a fire barrier. For recessed lights we specify XLP protectors around every light. Loft Insulation is a non combustible material and is fire retardant.

Loft mineral wool insulation will not exceed the Gib 2010 Guide maximum weight until R10, so is suitable for most gib board or plaster ceilings. The most critical factor for safe, long-term performance is a correct installation system. Loft is a proven performer since 1995.

Loft insulation is extremely durable and has a life expectancy of over 50 years!